Item# lumuhoowl

Product Description

Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches, mushy fruit, and crumbled crackers!! This perfectly sized lunch cooler provides hours of “lunch protection” for those long days at school, work, or play! It’s insulated, has a FDA approved food-safe lining along with an inside mesh “ice pack holder” will provide cool temperatures even on the hottest of days OR the opposite if you like; warm temperatures for that winter soup, hot Panini, or warm veggies. It also comes with a convenient outside pocket for that quick go-to snack. The sturdy clip allows it to attach to anything for easy carrying: backpacks, purses, overnight bags, etc. The LUNCH MUNCH was built with room for the WA WA beverage bottle, SNACK PACK container, and LOVE SNACK sandwich bag. Oh, and your lunch will never be mistaken for someone else’s (brown bag) lunch again as a clever name strip lines the outside of the cooler. LUNCH has never been better!!