Poured Candles

It all starts with the fragrance. We saturate each Trapp candle with perfume to ensure it will fill a room with fragrance from the very first time you light it until the wax is gone. We select the finest fragrances available world-wide. We combine those fragrances with our custom blend of wax %u2013 fully-refined paraffin and soy wax %u2013 matched with lead-free wicks to minimize soot and ensure the perfect burn.

Large Poured (7 oz.) 50 hours

Votives (2oz.) 15%u201320 hours

A single votive will fragrance an entire room. We can make this promise because we put more fragrance in our votives than anyone else in the world. People simply don%u2019t believe how fragrant our votives are until they try them for themselves. (Votives must be burned in a votive holder)

Home Fragrance Mist (3.4 oz.)

Sophisticated, distinctive style perfect for any décor. High fragrance concentrated spray, packaged in a frosted European perfume bottle. Attractive enough to beused anywhere. Delivers fragrance instantly to fill a room. Available in our most popular fragrances.